Sunday, June 14th

It was a long, wet 435 mile day from Boise to Keno. We had to delay our departure to late morning due to a rainstorm. Had a dry ride to Vale where we got fuel at the local Sinclair. About 30 minutes later, at the higher elevations, we got hammered by another rainstorm. As soon as we reached Burns, it started raining again. Had to hang at the Chevron in Hines for about 90 minutes as it was pouring out. Finally, it became light showers and dried out as we got closer to the US-395 junction.

Just before we reached the rest area on US-395 north of Hogback Summit, a fairly heavy downpour hit us. We decided to pull over, and wait for it to subside. Was supposed to meet Mike Plant from Gridley in Lakeview, and was able to contact him with my Blackberry. He had delayed his departure, too, but was running behind.

Kate reading one of the signs at the rest area while I was out snapping pictures with my Blackberry.

Despite stopping here before during previous trips, never really noticed the covered picnic spot. Moved one of the picnic tables over and used it as a carport and shelter from the rain. We stayed here awhile until it finally stopped raining.

Hogback Summit is just beyond the horizon on southbound US-395. We continued south to Lakeview where it started raining again. After getting gas at the Chevron, had an early supper at El Aguila Real Mexican Restaurant while waiting for Mike Plant of Gridley, CA to join us a little later. We went through the most severe rainstorms from Lakeview to Klamath Falls. Could hardly see through our visors, and was actually plowing through funnels of water on the road like a boat. Stopped in Klamath Falls for fuel, snacks, and beverages then called it a night at CasaRawJoy in Keno.

Monday, June 15th

We had a dry 255 mile ride from Keno to Arcata.

We took a 8-mile side trip south from Keno via Keno Worden Rd to the Worden Cafe on US-97 for breakfast. Keno Grill is closed on Mondays, and this was the nearest eatery. Despite being known as a truck stop cafe, it's a good one. There were wet spots at the higher parts of Green Springs Highway from Keno to Ashland.

It was a drone up I-5 from Ashland to Phoenix where we stopped for fuel. We passed through Jacksonville on our way to Wilderville from Phoenix. After reaching Highway 199, we continued south through Collier Tunnel to the rest stop for a butt break. Got fuel in Crescent City before getting back on US-101 to Klamath.

We cut west off US-101 to the Klamath Overlook for some shutter flicking. We were on the south side of the Klamath River last year. We had never been on the north side before. It's a bit of a gnarly road.

One of the most picturesque views in Redwood National Park, the Klamath Overlook.

Kate walked up the road, and took this photo looking down towards the Klamath Overlook turnout just beyond the curve.

This is what the road looked like as we descended down from Klamath Overlook towards US-101 and Trinidad.

Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse. Although we stopped here last year, Mike hadn't. Still, it had been a year since we last savored the view.

Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Trinidad Bay.

Plenty of fishing boats are moored at Trinidad Bay which has a pier and restaurant.
 The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse has a small parking lot. We rode down to the Seascape Restaurant at the Trinidad Bay Pier for a seafood dinner before heading south towards Arcata with Mike until he took 299 east to Redding and home. It was dark when he reached Weaverville.

Checked into the Fairwinds Motel in Arcata for 3 nights. Didn't ride the motorcycle at all during our stay as this is a walking town. Wildflower Market is just around the corner for snacks and such.

Tuesday, June 16th

We had breakfast the next morning at the Golden Harvest Cafe on the left side of that beige building in picture. Excellent food and service although it's just a notch or two from looking like a cafeteria.

Have always had a soft spot for old pickup trucks even if used for hauling garbage. It's probably 47-years-old. A battle scarred warrior.

Gives a whole new meaning to letting it grow. Cool wrought iron gateway. Arcata features a potpourri of interesting homes and yards.

Arcata is loaded with wildflowers in the older residential areas of town. These patches are growing over the fence, and out onto the sidewalk.

Same yard inside fence. Looks as if they use a push mower rather than a riding mower in that yard. ;^)

Another Arcata let it grow residence. Quite a contrast to your typical surburban home with every blade of grass in place.

The End by The Doors comes to mind unless you prefer Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin. This cemetery is right inside town where you can pay your respects, admire the view, and inhale that fresh ocean air while thinking it's a great day to be alive.

Tin Can Mailman is a used books store. Kate absolutely loves browsing through all the titles there. Stopped at Stars Hamburgers on way back to our motel, and ate a bad-for-you meal in our room before going to beddy-bye.

Wednesday, June 17th

Had breakfast at The Alibi on our 2nd morning. The interior was comparable to that of The Brick in the Northern Exposure television series. Our server moved to Arcata from my old stomping grounds, Santa Cruz, 40-years-ago. Arcata does remind me of Santa Cruz before it became a congested bedroom community for the Silicon Valley.

Humboldt State University cornerstone. One of many at the surrounding entrances. No classes in session so it was very quiet.

We climbed up a whole bunch of steps at Humboldt State University. It's a beautiful campus with fresh ocean breezes.

We could see Humboldt Bay from the crest of Humboldt State University. That's the greenhouse in the foreground.

We finally started descending downstairs from Humboldt State University, and made our way over to ...

Redwood Park. This is a popular park in Arcata for hiking and walking. This was the first time we went there.

Uprooted redwood tree in Redwood Park with path going around it.

The steeper parts of Redwood Park have steps, lots of them. Very well done, and blended with the environment. Wouldn't expect to see cement steps and iron railings out here. :)

Followed this road downhill from Redwood Park back to our room at the Fairwinds Motel. We had dinner at Arcata Pizza and Deli that night. We had walked a long, long way that day.

Our last night at the Fairwinds Motel.

Thursday, June 18th

305 mile day from Arcata to Keno. After grabbing breakfast at the nearby Wildflower Café & Bakery, we packed the bike, and headed north on US-101.

The fog was thick and wet that morning. We pulled over at the Trinidad rest area off US-101 for awhile.

Entrance to Trinidad rest area redwood forest. Sure was nice out here, and the restrooms were really nice, too. There was a dude offering free coffee to travelers. A little oasis in the redwoods.

Kate took a few piccies inside the redwood forest at Trinidad rest area. Plenty of places to take a leak. ;^)

We spotted this elk herd across US-101 from Newton B. Drury Park, and pulled over for a few minutes.

This house is available as a vacation rental although it sits right next to US-101. Might be good spot for a loud biker par-tay.

Foggy morning as seen through these trees alongside northbound US-101 while enroute to Crescent City.

Kate's reflection from back of Grumbler's helmet that foggy morning.

Road construction on US-101 held us up for a few minutes so I shut off the bike, and we chilled awhile.

Got past the road construction, and started hauling north on fog shrouded US-101 through Del Norte Coastal Redwood Park.
 Still on US-101 enroute to Crescent City and Brookings. We had some clam chowder in Brookings at Chetco Seafood Co then made our way over to Ashland for a well deserved butt break and dinner at Wild Goose Cafe & Bar. Took Dead Indian Memorial Rd back to Keno for the night.

Friday, June 19th

435 mile day from Keno to Boise. Had an excellent breakfast at the Keno Grill before beginning the long journey back to Boise.

We revisited the same rest area on way home to Boise some 50 miles north of Lakeview. Starlite Cafe in Vale, where we had dinner, is 200 miles from here. I think we stayed inside that cafe for good 90 minutes before heading home that dark, cold night. It had been a good trip, and taking an extra day in addition to staying in Arcata rather than down in Fortuna again was well worth it.